Perfect Binding vs. Saddle Stitching

Posted by Sabine Lenz (Paper Specs) on 11/4/2015 to Stitching Parts
Perfect Binding vs. Saddle Stitching

Something was distinctly different. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Was it the size of the magazine? Nope. Maybe the page count? Nein. The paper? Something was different, but …

Then it hit me: the latest issue of Fine Arts magazine, the magazine for the fine arts museums of San Francisco, was somehow bulkier around the middle and didn’t look as sophisticated as it used to.


Posted by Joe Miller on 2/25/2013 to Paper Drills
Teflon is a great coating to add to your paper drill bits. Paper drill bits are also known as hollow paper drills. A Teflon coating can increase drill life by 500%.