Ideal for wrapping and mailing newspapers and magazines, catalogues and wholesale publications, manuals and any commercial printed materials,  in single or multipack.


·        Vertical feeding

·        Two way of working: Manual or Automatic with unit-counter

·        Digital control panel

·        Independent sealing-bars; sealing-time and temperature controlled by PCB

·        Minimum bag dimensions: 50 x 140 mm; thickness 1mm

·        Maximum bag dimensions: up to 350 x 270 mm; thickness 12 mm

·        Pneumatic movement, air-compressor inside

·        Motorized film-unwinding

·        Wide table-top for products

·        Motorized output conveyor belt on request

The machine works with transparent or printed LLDPE (thickness 15 ÷ 40)

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Speed-Bag Mailing System