Air-Feed Folder - Manual Settings

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Operating Features

- High-Speed Output: Large jobs are processed quickly at speeds of up to 27,000 pieces per hour
- Powerful Air Suction Feed Table: Handles a variety of coated and non-coated stock, in a range of paper weights and sizes, up to 25.5” in length
- Simple, Accurate Alignment : Squares and aligns sheets prior to feeding
- Low-Pressure Air Chamber: Specially designed to control curled paper prior to entering fold rollers
- Batch Counter: Programmable to process pre-set number of sheets into sets with a delay

Folding Features

- Six Standard Folds in Common Paper Sizes: Pre-set for six popular fold types in letter, legal and ledger paper sizes equalling 18 preset fold settings
- Fully-enclosed Fold Plates: Sound reduction
- Easy-to-Use Fold Settings: Dial-a-fold settings allow users to adjust fold plates without removing covers, and feature an LED display, accurate to 0.1mm
- Durable Fold Rollers: Made of composite material designed to easily grip high-gloss paper, and are housed in a single patented pull-out cassette

Technical Features

- Belt-Driven Outfeed Stacker: Located on the same side as the infeed table, allows operators to easily load and unload the Atlas from a single position
- Compact, Rugged Unit: High-volume, high-speed output in a small footprint 
- Perforating / Scoring: Easy-to-use plug-in perforator / scorer delivers finished pieces to a catch tray, and can also be used as a roller bypass, allowing cover stock to be folded and delivered flat
- Anti-Static Brushes: Improves paper feeding
- Skew and Micro Adjustments: Allow for fine tuning and crisp, precise folds
- Double Document Detector: Detects and helps to prevent paper jams caused by double feeding
- Easy-to-use control panel
- Pressure Seal Solutions • Mailing Solutions • Data Destruction Solutions • Digital Print & Finishing Solutions


- AF-05 Narrow Sheet Guide Attachment: Makes feeding narrow sheets quick, easy and accurate
- AF-10 56-Tooth Perforating Wheel: Used to perforate paper and card stock
- AF-15 Perforating Anvil: Used in conjunction with 56-Tooth Perforating Wheel
- AF-20 Light Scoring Wheel: Provides light scoring on most paper stocks
- AF-30 Heavy Scoring Wheel: Provides heavy scoring on thicker paper stocks
- AF-25 Scoring Anvil: Used in conjunction with AF-20 and/or AF-30 Scoring Wheels
- AF-35 Additional Perforating / Scoring Wheel Assembly
- FD 402TA1 / FD 404A1 Air Joggers: High-capacity air joggers align pages and reduce static electricity commonly caused by digital printing

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